Monday, November 20, 2006

Fuck this nigga

Ok, I usually dont go into racial slurs, but this loser deserves it. We used to be close friends but now hes being an ass after I told him that I didnt want to go out with him. Now hes attackin moi friends cuz he doesnt have the penis to talk to me himself. Now I'm pumped again and I just wanna hit him so fuckin back, its unreal. Ok, my friend Heidi (Heidi-chan/ Hinata) has a little more keat on her than I do... So fuckin wut? Eziquiel thinks that he can get to me through her by calling her "piggy"... it only makes me go into protective mode and gets her mad. This is the second time he's gotten me pumped and its been 3 weeks since I told him no. I have a man that I love dearly with all my heart and he cant seem to see that. He's pissed me off for the last time. Its now time that I start fighting back. I sent him a written warning already and I only send one. Now its war between us. I can care less about his fuckin fake JK cliam... FUCK HIM! Hes messin with my crew now and if its a fight he wants... its a fight hes gettin. One more chance is all Im givin him beofre I go off on him. This nigga deserves to get the shit fuckin kicked outta him and I'm gonna be the last derson he sees before he passes out. Then he's gonna have to deal with whoever else wants a peice of him. Right now, hes considdered a dead man walking.

- Vampetra