Friday, April 15, 2005


Made of wood
Made of emotions
Fire of wood heats and warms us
Fire of emotions makes us cold and hateful
And angry


It's what you feel when
You're angrey
And when you've been betrayed
By someone you hold close
To your heart
Right now, its keeping me alive

White Flower Dream:A hiei and Kurama Poem

Silver hair
Amger eyes
He's really there
Where the white flower lies

Black hair
Red eyes
I know he's there
Listening to humanoid lies

The Flying shadow
The storehouse horse

They're both there
Watching us walk
Blindly around
Like we're in the dark
And they're in the light

Red hair
Green eyes
You know he's there
Where the red rose lies

Creeping Death: A Hiei Poem

Sword in sheath
Wandering assassin
Silent walker
Mist at his feet
Ruby eyes, stare at the moon
Waiting for the call
For his creeping death