Saturday, July 03, 2004

Friday's Feast

Name a board game you enjoy playing (Scrabble? Monopoly? Trivial Pursuit?) What's fun about it? Do you change the rules or go by the book?

i like 2 play Monopoly. i sometimes change the rules to make it mor intresting.

How's the weather been in your area lately? Hot and dry? Wet and muggy? Stormy? Beautiful?

the weathers been like a fruit salad, you dont know what 2 expect, untill you taste it.

Do you consider yourself an emotional person? What types of emotions do you experience most often?

no, most of the time i feel alone sometimes sad, but those emotions usually calm me down.

Main Course
List 3 songs you've been listening to recently. Are these songs from a different category of music than you usually choose, or are you devoted to a certain type of tunes?

1)going under
2)carnival of errors
3)stone pillow
these are songs i listen 2 often.i have a strange devotion 2 all sorts of tunes.

What's on your refrigerator door? Magnets? Your child's drawings? Photos? Calendars?

our refrigerator door is like magnet city. the day we dont have magnets, is the day that pigs fly.

Travel Plans

From the weekly bitBit for Sunday June27-Saturday July3

If you could travel to anywhere in the world, where would you go?
i would have 2 say California. i would like 2 see what its like.

Who would you take with you?
i would bring my friends-Jesse, Matt P., Matt V., Johanna, Trever, Jeff, Tyler, Jess, Emily, Jenna, and Sarah.

What would you do?
that would depend on what everyone else wants 2 do.

The place you travel to and persons you travel with can be real or fictional. Maybe characters from a movie or book. Be creative!