Saturday, November 18, 2006

Life's a bitch and so is Vic

Ok, I know yo s'posed to love yo family and shit, but Vic severed the last bit of love i had for Karl and Billy. Evidently i dont have a name to them any more. I'm just the "older sister" now. HAHA! I love it! I love the fact the fact that they're so insanly stupid. Its pathetic ons some... no, scratch that... ALL accounts. Vics just mad that i no longer cower before her. She cant fuck with me, mt emotions, or my mind any more, so sh'e turned people against me. I can care less. People, open yo fuckin eyes and look at wut i had to live with! Look at the reason why I cut myself while i lived with Karl. Vic, I hope you read this cause I'm now fightin back and you can't stop me, you slave driving fat whore bag! Yeah, I know what you and Karl did when you guys went out. You'd dress up as a whore and Karl would try to pick you up. EWWWW! I can see why you got divorced 2 times already. You're a liar and now that I'm finding out the truth, I hate you more than I already did. Yes, the 'I love yous' were a throw off just so you'd get off my back. I never loved you. You dont have any legal rights over me or Billy... and yes, I am much more happier here than I was there. Fo 1, I lost the weight that i gained while eating yo "nutricious" food. You can't really cook. A cook book is nothing but guid line you idiot! Its what you do with the recipie that makes it unique. It dont take a rocket scientist to figure that out.